Rescheduling is possible at any time with an installment loan, provided that the loan agreement was concluded at the earliest on 10 June 2010. Since that date, the exclusion of the right to early loan repayment for consumer credit is no longer permitted. The most common reason for the desired rescheduling of installment loans is the ability to replace expensive loans with a cheaper loan. Another reason for the replacement of existing loan liabilities is the rejection of the current bank against the request for an extension of the term and the associated reduction in monthly installments. Banks specializing in installment loan rescheduling often encourage simplification ofRead More →

The annuity mortgage loan will guarantee easier and more immediate access to credit for the over 60s. A new and interesting solution that therefore enriches the range of possibilities offered to those who are intent on comparing the most advantageous Gabriel Oaks to find a cost-effective solution to obtain liquidity. This type of financing makes it possible for the applicant to obtain liquidity by using the mortgage on the property as a guarantee. However, not all institutions have already signed up to this initiative, which is why, when it comes to finding out about Astrofinance and its offers, rather than on Ultraloan, Sen and soRead More →

The loan with Polks is the form of credit ideal for employees The payment delegation meets the personal needs of employees who need additional liquidity, is a loan with direct payroll deduction. For state, public, private employees. Fixed installment for the duration of the delegation. Fixed rate for the whole duration. Refund times from 24 to 120 months. Without cost purpose. Directly to your home. Also in the presence of other loans or mortgages. Feasibility No problem for bad payers. Even in the presence of protests and foreclosures. Loan Delegation. The ideal loan to meet the personal needs of an employee. No need to ownRead More →